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Great Rant, Michael!

I can really relate. I avoided having children for the exact same reason.

Pong was awesome. MTV was cool, although I did not get it. It was cable and we lived too far out. The best thing I remember is that I was on my own. After school, which I despised, I was free until dinner, then, free until dark. I was outside or around town with nobodies permission for every waking hour. I hitchhiked, walked, or rode my bike everywhere. On the weekends in high school we would pile into someone's mom's car (no chaperones) and drive to Aspen, Vail, Glenwood Springs, Boulder, or Grand Junction for soccer games or tournaments. We would bring our sleeping bags and sleep on the soccer fields. Today we would get sent to juvenile camp for some of the good clean fun we had. We were so free. I miss that freedom so much.

You better watch how many times you say bomb in one post, Michael, the terrorist keyword indicator light for you is probably at the orange high alert level now. Especially after the questionable photo.