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What people need to understand

We do not have an INSURANCE problem - we have a totally manipulated market problem.
We are on a Health Savings plan - which I love the conept of. We have Cigna for major medical and routine exams - everything else we pay for out of the account. We come out WAY ahead since we have no real medical issues.
The problem? Doctors. Plain and simple.
Since I am now paying out of pocket - I treat it like any other service - I ask how much the service is - what is included etc etc.
Well - let me tell you - you soon realize what a crazy street hustle the whole industry is. NOT ONE doctor has been able to tell me what the service includes and HOW much it will cost. Not to mention - non "primary care" doctors have been so programmed to NEED permission from the "primary care" doctor - they wont even take the appointment.
Let me explain.
Daughter has a pain in her knee from sports. Knowing enough about it - I want her to go to an orthopedic and get some x-rays. Call the orthopedic(of which, I am a prior customer of) and try to make an appointment. No can do - they tell me the pediatrician needs to contact them. I say Why? First it is because of insurance purposes - then I tell them I dont care - I am paying out of pocket. Then it is -um-oh-um-um - well because we need her records and we want the pediatrician to see her first.
Really? So you want me to go pay a pediatrician to tell me to go see and expert instead of just going to the expert? Well that make a lot of sense - not.
After being as polite as I can and finally making it clear that wasnt happening - they made the appointment. Then the fun begins.
How much is the appointment?How much is each x-ray?
Well that depends on what your insurance pays.
What part of this don't you get - I am paying you out of my savings account- I am paying - not the unsurance company.
Well we still run it through your main insurance(Cigna)to determine the bill.
So you CAN'T tell me NOW how much I have to pay
So, I have no way of determining, based upon my ability to pay, if I want 1,2,3 x-rays, maybe and MRI or whatever. I just have to go through like a cow, get milked, then you will tell me how much I owe you?
Well, yes, how else would we do it.
Pretty simple - you tell me an x-ray is 50 dollars. I tell you I can afford 2 x-rays - not 4. You tell me an MRI is 400 dollars. I then decide - skip the x-rays and do the MRI. Just like EVERYWHERE else you purchase something.
Well, we can't do that.


Go to get my yearly blood work done. Same story. So I have no idea how much the blood test is - no idea what the hell its for - oh - but my doctor says I need it and insurance covers it.
I actually have had receptionist totally baffled - they really thought you HAD to have insurance. What happened to just paying?????