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Why doesn't anybody ever ask

these Israel-firsters why they chose to make Israel's security above the USA? Why do we give these people money when we are in runaway debt, unemployment at 20+%, and 50 million on welfare. Our infrustructure is in shambles, our National Defense is extremely compromised with illusionist threats known to be created by these people where are soldiers are dying and billions are spent, while our borders remain unsecure. These people follow Judaism, which contains books of the Pharisee oral writings, the Talmud, that say they are a superior race, and the gentiles are here to serve them. And, you continue to tell us they are the poor victims? If you claim to be a Christian, why don't you stand up for Christ's people, where many have ancestry dating back a thousand years or more. Are you trying to tell us that no Jews in Palestine converted to Christianity or even to Islam, generations ago? Why do you support these Jews who are throwing your Christian brothers out of their houses, or even in many reports, killing them to steal their land? Are you a sure your a follower of Christ or Pharisaic Judaism, which Christ strongly condemed, and warned His followers throught out the New Testement challenging their actions, with direct warning in Matthew 16:6. Yes, the religion of Judaism contains the Torah and also, the never mentioned Talmud, the oral writings of the Pharisees. In Israel, the Talmud reigns superior over the Torah or what we call the Old Testement. Even if you are Judaic, do you follow the teachings of Moses or the self ordained profits called the Pharisees, who claim Yahweh told them different beliefs than Moses while they were at the bottom of the mountain, while he was at the top? If you are a Christian as you claim, you might want to research these books named the Talmud, the oral writings of the Pharisees, since most of the social immoralities your constiuents complain about, and you put forth legislation to stop, are dirived from teahings in these books. If you can show us any older written doctrines where there are such taught teachings, we would like to see them.
You need to decide if you are here to represent the American people, or the Israeli people, if the latter, you need to move to Israel so you can serve in public office over there. How about we focus on solving the major problems our country and our people face. How about we let the Israeli's take care of themselves, and learn to follow what the Bible says, 'Reap what you sew'.