Comment: A bit creepy.

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A bit creepy.

Is Doug telling these poor Poles that if they do not join his scam than they are just hapless mud dwellers with loads of opportunity but ambitionless thugs for not joining Amway?

Here are some interesting Blogs that research MLM.

Did Doug join the 'Liberty Movement' because he saw a new highly ideology driven group (his old being the Christian Right) that has a cult-like fervor towards Ron Paul? Did he really see the light upon participating? Yes MLM is voluntary but upon review of the above Sites it has taken millions to the cleaners. It is highly deceptive. The high level figures are making most of their money from selling books, videos, and tickets to rallies. There is only a tiny few, less than one percent, that become as wealthy as promised.

I am just throwing this out there for discussion. I do not know what is up with Doug Wead. The more I learn the worse it gets though. I really like Doug Wead. I hate to think that he may be a scam.

Dateline program (Quixtar is Amway):