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Sounds good!

I know I can't expect New Yorkers to call Idaho politicians, but I also recognize that this is a great place to spread the word to like-minded folks. That said, I found the DP *LONG* before meeting anyone locally, so I tend to look to this community - as well as those I have met locally - to spread the word on important issues. Who knows, maybe someone in New York or Florida has family or friends here that they can alert if they see an Idaho-specific issue.
As far as maybe meeting up, my family of 4 makes regular trips to the mountains - arguably some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country!!!! (I'm biased...I know!) As the weather improves, I will let you know about any travel plans. I'm in Boise. You say 2 hours-ish? You in McCall or Hailey, by chance? I know a few other folks up that way, so yeah... Happy Friday. :)

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