Comment: Only half a brownie for this - here is why.

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Only half a brownie for this - here is why.

It occurs to me... Prince Reibus claims to read the DP, does anyone from Rand's staff bother? If so, please make note, because this is important...


I am a rape survivor. I suffered for years from absolutely debilitating anxiety attacks and HAD TO QUIT FLYING because just the stress of THINKING about "they might touch me without consent" was enough to send the epinephrine surging. I knew I would wind up arrested or dead if I actually got picked for a pat down. Scanner option? I am a middle aged woman with a mother who had breast cancer, and have been advised to avoid ANY unnecessary exposure to radiation. I don't care what YOUR doctors say about it, MY healthcare provider advises against it.

If you would take up the case for ENDING searches without probable cause, which is EXACTLY what these pat downs are, you would get a whole brownie. Since when is taking a flight "probable cause" and if it is, where is the warrant to search me?

The Constitution would have your back, Rand, if you would like to look it over. Ask your Dad for a copy.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.