Comment: I wouldn't look too far into the $20000 amount

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I wouldn't look too far into the $20000 amount

it is for an example of how their eligibility for a subsidy would or could pan out. IT has nothing specific to indicate a SERIOUS projection of what the cost of a private insurance company's health premium/split would be. IT could end up being accurate but I guarantee that is not the intent it is a placeholder as an example for explaining other facets of the law.

I will do a deeper dig down into "obamacare" soon for everyone here. I work in the insurance brokerage industry and I haven't seen much here on the DP with regard to this topic that really digs down and shows what is what. believe me it's a big CF. But, I'll use my knowledge to try and give some of you the down low on the major items and impact to people and company's. It's the one thing I can contribute with some serious confidence that may benefit others here.