Comment: How you break your fast is very important - especially one of...

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How you break your fast is very important - especially one of...

...such a length as 40 days. How do you break yours?

You have to ease yourself back into food, because peristalsis (the movement of food through your digestive system - much like wave action), has been disrupted during longer fasts.

Maybe just fruits for a while might be best.

Paul Bragg wrote a book called "The Miracle Of Fasting" which I have never finished reading, but is a very good guide.

I think I'll do some fasts too, but not 40 days. That is intense!

How about the lifestyle idea of fasting one day a week - like every Monday for instance?

Or maybe fast every other day?

This could be done permanently as a habit. This way you have the benefits of fasting without the lack of nutrients for long periods.

Anyway, the idea is to change your diet to permanently dump things like white sugar, all artificial sugars, hydrogenated fats, all soda pop, candy, fried foods, white rice, baked goods (dougnuts, cookies, cakes, pies etc), most crackers, ice cream etc.

For me, the toughest thing to quit are tortilla chips, nachos etc.

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