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They just want total destruction so people will beg for some global socialist "utopia." Unfortunately this is all completely legal because technically everything including people is property of the elite. You cannot own land. You cannot own a car. You surely do not even own your physical body because it was signed over to the state when you were born (you think your parents sat there reading the fine print or had a lawyer present to explain to them the fine print?). Even if you buy something it's with money that is backed by debt (circular logic). In times in this country when you could actually own land it had to be paid for with gold or silver, not with greenbacks or a mortgage. I am not pessimistic, I am just explaining how things really are. If you don't comply, you will be thrown in jail to be raped. If you resist that you will simply be killed and the system will smear you to look wrong to society. I really don't think this is just some movement for power for the elite, I think it's a plan to destroy ALL life. No transhumanism, just nothing. The elite are morons and they are just all in competition and are just as much of a puppet as someone like Obama.

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