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completely. You look at this primary season compared to 4 years ago....night and day. We're getting Paul supporters in key areas of the political system around the country...and we're doing it by convincing and influencing people and they're actually voting in our direction to put people in positions of power in the GOP.

What did you think the country would be turned around overnight? 100 years of terribleness and suddenly "poof", it's all restored? That's not how it works.

"It is not the time to "win friends and influence people". It is the time to stand up and say NO."

You can stand up and say no to the politicians....that's different than trying to get people to join the movement. But going on a talk show and raving and ranting like a loon is not a way to get people to join the movement and continue building the influence we're obtaining. Sorry, but the only thing that is going to do is push people away....and every psychologist in the world would side with me on this one.

I can't tell you how many times i saw video clips of Alex the couple weeks after that show aired where people were using it to say "see, look at these nut job pro-gun guys out there...these are the cooks we're up against."

I'm not against Alex...i think he could really help us out because he's a warehouse of information...I'm just against his delivery.