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@fightapathy, maybe you could do a bit more research

Iceland was not named after Ice and Greenland was not named after Green.

Lived in Iceland for 2 years. There is approximately 1% viking blood there. As for dark, naturally it is 6 months light and 6 months darker due to latitude. Cold, ya it's cold in winter, but not cold like the Great Lakes area due to the Gulf Stream and T-shirt warm in summer.

If you really want to know more, check out the Invasion of Iceland.

Iceland received their independence from Denmark in 1919 (or 1918), Iceland had followed a policy of strict neutrality. In 1939, Iceland had denied Germany's request for landing rights for Lufthansa trans-Atlantic aircraft.

Therefore, they were being consistent with their neutrality policy when they denied the British Foreign Office's request for military basing rights following Churchill's initiative.

Having asked nicely and gotten rebuffed for their efforts, the British government decided to land a detachment of Marines in Iceland on May 10, 1940, beginning a British military occupation that would last through August 1942.

The government of Iceland initially protested Britain's use of military force but reluctantly accepted the fact that they had no choice in the matter.

The US took over the military base in 1942 and finally close it in 2006.