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Comment: Bear, your comment gives me mixed emotions

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Bear, your comment gives me mixed emotions

On the one hand, I'm flattered. On the other, I don't want people to turn me into some kind of trans-human or whatever.

But I also have even mixed feelings about having bumped this thread in the first place, and put it on the front page. I did my usual morning scan of the news, and saw this was the mornings big piece of news. So immediately I came back here to post it, but first checked to see if anyone else had, and found that DFaubion had posted this thread.

Since it is "big news" and yes, it is "important," not only because people were killed (people are killed every day), but because of the geopolitical significance. It is yet another spark in the global war.

But there is a gap, and that gap is: What can we do about it?

What can I do? What can you do, bear? If the answer is nothing, then what is the point of giving this news front page coverage on the Daily Paul? It is getting front page coverage on Drudge, on CNN. I'm sure the cable networks are going wild, repeating the same footage over and over, repeating the same few facts, over and over in their orgasmic frenzy. Thank God I don't have that sewer being piped into my home.

So I'm beginning to wonder if the DP is part of the problem - part of the endless, meaningless MSM tail chasing that They want us all involved in.

Thank you bear for listening.

p.s. I think the most interesting part of the whole thread is that it was posted by DFaubion, an Oathkeeper. This is the real story, hidden at the bottom. America has Oathkeepers.

Thank you DFaubion, for being an Oathkeeper.