Comment: "Randomly pulled over for a vehicle check"

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"Randomly pulled over for a vehicle check"

Still think these gun control laws are meant to stop criminals?

Those are the two lines that stood out to me from the article.

I decided to do a Google news search, to see what turned up. Zilch. Zero, nada in the MSM press. But I did find this page on him:

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And this is where I realize - where this frog can really see - the water starting to boil. There's a big bubble. Combined with my unease at the DP being just a place, like so many others on the interwebs, that is just recycling old news from an agenda set by the MSM.

There was a time when Ron Paul needed the Daily Paul. No one knew who he was back in '07. He doesn't need the DP now. Rand can get on Hannity. He doesn't need the Daily Paul. The corporate MSM doesn't need the DP stirring and rebroadcasting what emerges from their sewer pipes.

Who needs the DP? People like Nathan Haddad. Groups like the Oathkeepers. Independent media on the front lines doing outstanding coverage, like James Corbett, and some other new guys on the scene who are clear, focused, and very serious.

Thanks for posting this fishy.

He's the man.