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Why should a free man have to

Why should a free man have to tell a cop that he has a gun?

I agree that he shouldn't have got out of the vehicle, but a free man has a right to if he wants.

So what if he is reaching behind his back? Looks to me that is where he keeps his wallet.

Here are the mistakes I see:

Since a free man should not have to register his possessions with a government, he should not have been pulled over for "expired tags" on his vehicle, as the officer states is the reason for pulling him over. Failing to register a vehicle is not an act that creates a victim or violates someone else's rights, therefore it should not be against the law.

The officer should not have freaked out about a conceal carry weapon. This shows a lack of proper training. At best, he should have ASKED the motorist if he would be willing to put his gun away for the duration of the traffic stop. Hopefully, the motorist would oblige him, though he shouldn't be required to do so.