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This is creepy. Anyone considering getting involved with MLM, please look closely at some of the hard analysis of this sort of business model. The number don't add up because the marketing system is based on selling the "business opportunity" rather than a product. A franchise or retail operation deliberately limits the number of sales outlets for a given area and/or population. MLM companies are based on exponential growth of the "business opportunity."

"You've seen if you did nothing, you see a growing underneath you and that's like money in the bank. You have to personally put two people in yourself before you can start earning any money from it.... That's the most important thing... so you can start making money off the people who get in."

--from Wead's interview about this:

This is the classic tell of a pyramid scheme -- making money off of those you sign up rather than a product. If each person only signs up the two Wead considers necessary, within 24 iterations, there are more than 16 million sales reps just from your start.

In reality, such exponential growth cannot continue indefinitely. Eventually there comes a time when the market for the product -- both the shakes or whatever this company sells and new recruits -- can no longer sustain the growth. Of course this happens way before 24 tiers and 16 million sales reps. At some point in the progression, you are lying about this being any sort of "business opportunity." And if you understand the progression, you're lying about it from recruit number one.

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