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We live in a society of

We live in a society of mostly unjust laws. I stand by what I said, in a world of just laws, this stop would have never occurred because the man wouldn't have been obligated to register his vehicle with the state.

And I will start with the sovereign bs if I want, who are you to try and stop me?

I've been summoned to court for expired tags. I didn't go. Later, they arrested me. I spent 36 hours in jail. Public defender got me "time served" and I didn't give them bastards a dime. Instead, they fed 3 meals a day and provided climate-controlled shelter over my head. The surrounding company was less than to be desired, but from that occurrence, I made another decision: Never to pay for another traffic ticket again. I will make them feed me and house me for a few days instead. I would rather spend a few days there in protest than to give them my money for their unjust laws.

Finally, not everyone who carries concealed has to go through a safety course. We have a few Constitutional-carry states here in the United Soviets.

You go right on defending the cops' actions. I'm sure they won't press as hard on your neck with their boots as a way of saying thanks.