Comment: I love it when the trolls go

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I love it when the trolls go

I love it when the trolls go on a tirade denouncing Rand for doing the same thing that they praised Ron for doing.

Ron Paul - Privatize Airport Security

I mean, how much hate do you really have to have in your heart to go around posting emotionally-charged negative reactions to every single post about Rand or anyone else? What does that do for the environment here? What kind of impact are you having by spreading your hate around as much as you can?

It's like when establishment Republicans criticize Obama for doing things that they remained silent about or even applauded when Bush started them. It's exactly the same thing.

Many people who aren't exactly like Ron Paul have done great things, even if other things they do don't seem too good. Every person who does even a little bit for liberty has a role to play. Except the people who get off on just going around saying how much they hate various people. That doesn't help one bit.