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Comment: I never said I agreed with

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I never said I agreed with

I never said I agreed with how he was treated.

Do you live in Florida? I have. They are very tyrannical and have stupid taxes.

I chose to leave that state for Indiana...must better here.

I havent said anything "anti-liberty" here.

The man broke the first and most important rule of concealed carry: always inform the officer when at your earliest possible time. All of it wouldve been avoided. You can act all pro-liberty but when it is your time to stand up for your rights, you better have a legal leg to stand on, he didnt.

the only agreements ive heard on this subject so far are: Im a sovereign free man and no laws apply to me, the government is trying to take away my 2nd amendment. Those things dont apply to this scene.

A.)He had expired tags, you must have tags to drive in that state. If you do not, you must find other means of transportation.
B.)He was legally carrying, but didnt follow the rules.
C.)Never get out of the vehicle unless you are ordered to.
D.)Never turn your back and always keep your hands in plain sight.

All he had to do was stay in the vehicle with the windows cracked.
Say: "Officer, I have a concealed carry permit and I am armed. I do not consent to any searches, seizures, or conversation without an attorney present. I invoke all rights afforded to me by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights." Then shut up.