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Comment: let me whisper in your ear

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let me whisper in your ear

so no one gets their feelings hurt by what I am about to say...
If this is not fun for you, don't do it. You could probably find some talent here to keep it running for you for a week or two, give it some thought. But this is, in some way, YOUR voice. I really appreciate your "hands off" way of letting everyone have their say, whether you agree or not. But eventually, if someone is obnoxious enough for long enough, you show them the door.
You once asked what is special about the DP, and as I type, I have come up with a better answer than I had that day. The DP is like the talking feather. In the simplest, "white-washed" version, it is just the act of passing a feather around a circle, and everyone shuts up while the person holding the feather speaks. No exceptions. A little deeper study shows how powerful this tradition really is:
""When the feather is held with its back to the listeners and the inside curve to the speaker he will hear his own words first as they come back to him. This will help to tame the harsh tongue of the two legged. If disagreements are still between two people they will turn the feather away from themselves so the words can go straight to the one they are at odds with", explained Eagle. "When all have spoken a vote can be taken and the side who gathers the most votes will make the final decision", said Eagle."

Is it part of the problem? Undoubtedly, you cannot prevent the agents of "them" from showing up in their various forms. You cannot prevent the "good ones" from having bad days and sounding like idiots. And you can't make a good hearted idiot any smarter some days any better than you can make an evil hearted genius be nice.
But it is also part of the solution, that is how it works out. I think that you tapped into a space that was empty in many spirits. Modern religion is about "sit down and listen" and as humans, we long to be heard. And what interesting acoustics in your home... If I did not know better, I could swear they can hear us in DC.
That is something to be proud of, whatever you choose. But if this is no longer where your path leads, don't linger one more minute. I can hardly wait to see what you grow up to be, even if it is not my favorite bartender.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.