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Comment: You are absolutely correct pawnstorm12

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You are absolutely correct pawnstorm12

I begin consuming vegan probiotics, and really like Goodbelly's, so I begin adding that and organic tomato, squash and lentil soups about ten days before the end of my fast.

Last year, after my fast, I was really good, for about a month, eating super healthy.. and then, I think it was at some party, I treated myself, and then kept treating myself, and by my birthday, in July, I gave myself permission to eat anything at any time. Part of me wanted to see if the problems I had, would return, or if I could isolate any food alergy.. but I remained healthy, gained weight, but didn't care, knowing I could lose it. And then I decided to fast again, and completely couldn't. So I'm preparing to fast for Lent because for whatever reason, it has always worked for me at this time of year.

This time, I hope to change my diet, fast one day a week (Tuesday) and stick to a healthy diet for more than a month.

I think your post is very important about ending a fast.. THANK YOU!