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Comment: My guess is that the shallow murderer was touched by the

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My guess is that the shallow murderer was touched by the

driver's kindness (at the restaurant) and when he realized that his victim was the driver's bro (back in the car), he wanted forgiveness. He walked off, leaving the booty of the theft. The driver "could" kill the murderer to revenge, but his natural god-loving temperament didn't allow him to pull the trigger. He had an ambivalence: he wasn't totally happy that he let the murderer flee. He found the key, the money and the gun only after he let go of the intense desire of the moment to revenge.

It's not as if he was bought to let the murderer go in exchange of the wad of cash. . . Besides, the murderer left his(?) gun in the box, ready to be killed by the driver bro of his victim, if that was what the driver wanted. In his fleeting way he was ready to meet the consequence and left his life in the hands of the driver.

Anyhow, it's a nice thought-provoking short story. Very enterprising to shoot this on the cross-country drive on the fly.