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"everything out of context."

"everything out of context. Not to mention false translations and inaccuracies."

*So, you are calling me a boob?
*That I know nothing?
*That my relation with God, whatever that is, has been totally in vain all these years?

First and foremost, you should try getting this correct: "would imply that "Jews" are of the descendants of Jacob with Israel being his twelve offspring." Which wasn't said nor implied in any capacity. Am fully aware that Jacob became Israel (renamed to) and that Israel is a country and not a tribe. : - / So, I can add *insulting my intelligence to the list above.

This is precisely why I said that I wasn't going to go back and forth with idle heated ramblings. *"won't be beaten back and forth in an attempt to make an argument" and *"sensitive topic"

Some people learn from what others have written and avoid, for whatever reason, doing their own research. Which can and does cause inaccuracies.

I can understand the differences between the spiritual and the physical realms. And, it is a good required study pertaining to spiritual matters.

Since, time is short, and you have utter contempt towards me? Should this be allowed to continue?

And, I said that anyone can ramble off verses. This doesn't mean that they understand them. What is it about "precision of thought" *see below that you don't understand? It doesn't come easy and can be very rare, in terms of the Bible.

And, you know His voice? And, He told you that I'm am totally mistaken? Can you go through each and every thing that I said and tell me exactly what Jesus told you how I am wrong? No, you cannot, because the chances of Him doing that is slim to none. And, the chances of you having a relation like that with Him is also slim to none.

See, this is going nowhere, as I predicted. Possibly the conflict arises from a personality conflict that you're having with me personally and not what I wrote? Or, conflict caused by your own mistrust of the personal knowledge that you hold as being truth? Maybe you're still trying to convince yourself of your own knowledge? testing it? testing yourself?

I may calm down and find some rationality with you but it appears that your mind is already made-up? So, nothing that I say would change that? You are you and I am me!

Jesus knew that there would be differences between groups of believers and said, "not to destroy one another". Whether you are a believer or not I can't tell at the moment. Maybe He spoke to you once, I don't know.

There is such a thing as spiritual jealously, is this what this is, I don't know.

"precision of thought", which is it?

Now concerning 9\11 - Jesus said, quote: "Israelis had something to do with the Towers", unquote. Did He tell me that or am I making this up? Pretending? I'm a "religious nut job"? So, did He tell me that or not? I just think that I know His voice, and I'm making this up? I hear a voice and only God knows what it is but its really not Jesus?

"Israelis", does this mean the government of Israel?
"Israelis", does this mean a combination of the government of Israel with certain Israeli people of the United States?
"Israelis", does this mean people outside of the United States?
"Israelis", does this mean people inside of the United States?
"Israelis", does this mean a combination of people outside of the United States and inside of the United States?
"Israelis", citizens, non citizens?
"Israelis", Mossad? combination of?
"Israelis", Zionists? combination of?
"Israelis", combination of Israelis and non-Israelis?
"Israelis", does this mean a few Israelis, many Israelis?
"Israelis", and, more possibilities.. combinations of?

Everyone thinks that they are an expert. Motives are always the bottom line. If this knowledge is not for you then it is not for you, its simple understanding.