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The prohibition on women pastors.

The prohibition on women pastors has nothing to do with control, that's nutty feminist rhetoric coined by a bunch of morons who can barely read proper English, let alone comprehend the scriptures. It has to do with the fact that the office that a presiding priest/pastor holds is a patriarchal office, it's no different than being a father, something that is impossible for a women to do (even if one goes to get a self-mutilation...excuse me, sex change operation).

This does not necessarily prevent a woman from preaching in a non-pastor/priest capacity, which there are also examples of in the scriptures, but said office is one that holds authority over all people, and it is a circumvention of nature for a woman to hold authority over a man or otherwise control a man. There are plenty of pagan religions out there that will welcome women possessed of a big mouth and a desire to stick it to the patriarchy, but Christianity doesn't work that way, deal with it.

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