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Scoot Jackson? No Scoot Libby

CIA was Bush Sr materializing the Intel coupe of our government.

Focusing on the USSR is completely washing out Nam and the global war against communism, which we lost, and why we are being sold out to China.

And he never mentions the Neoliberal..

Who isn't influenced by Money? He sounds JEALOUS

Raimondo makes Rand's case for visiting Israel.

He says the Neocons over reached, but the Neocons were only HALF because the Neoliberals and Neocons work together, being each other fall guys and supporters in Wash and MSM.

Ron Paul saved the Libertarian movement? LIBERTARIAN MOVEMENT? There is NO SUCH THING.

Ron Paul's campaign is not to "save some so called libertarian movement", it's to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC by building a YOUNG conservative movement and outting the liberal neocons in the GOP.

We have to protect the "BRAND" Libertarian.. WATCH ME RAIMONDO WATCH ME AND THOSE WHO HAVE THE GUTS TO JOIN THE GOP and ESTABLISH Libertarian values!

Here we go again about his being gay.. RE Pasture Giglio


It's like he really doesn't get Ron Paul.

Sorry Lew, but Raimondo is boring, pandering and part of the problem.

Thank you for the link davyC.