Comment: I have for some time wanted

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I have for some time wanted

I have for some time wanted to challenge the IRS on income taxes. I have been doing research and gathering the facts and laws to do so. Unfortunatly every time I hear a story like this, it eats away at my desire to do so. Stories where the people win against the IRS are so few shows how hopeless it is to try. But I commend you for your courage and sacrifices made to attempt it. Unfortunatly (maybe it is fortunate when you look at it) I have realized that you cannot fight the corrupt system using laws, when those laws are on your side.

But the knowledge you have gathered is still needed, because there may be a time soon when we need it to fight back in masses. When 1 person speaks up they can silence it, when 100 they can blame it on an evil cult, but when 1,000,000 speak up they cannot resist.

And as for the 'rights' granted by the amendments, they are not 'granted' to you by the document. The document is there to state the rights that the government can not interfere with. Unfortunatly the government is still trying to take them away as if it is their's to control.

We have been silent and complacient for to long, and unfortunatly in our silence an army of corruption has been built up to use against us when we no longer wish to be silent.