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Invalid rules.

A. Those stupid rules on cars really only apply to commerce.
B. There are no rules placed on our 2nd Amendment. You can either have any weapon you want and do anything you want with it, or you can't have the weapon at all.
C. & D. Cops are not authority. A lawful citizen should not comply with such stupid bossy demands.

Rights don't exist as soon as you assert them, they just exist. You don't have to shut up. Get in their faces.

A person who goes against the new flow is looked at as delusional. No, the people who go with the flow are delusional. Petty rules have their place and it's on the property of others (at work). Petty rules have no public place in functioning society, and taxation and petty rules do not bring us technology, peace, and this "wonderful" civilization we have today.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.