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Comment: My Letter & Response from Idaho Senator

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My Letter & Response from Idaho Senator

Thank you Sarah for alerting us about the proposed piece of legislation in the state of Idaho regarding a mandatory vaccine registration for every person in the state. Following is a copy of the letter I wrote to all the state legislators on your post and a reply I received the day after.

The reply sounds positive and if real, should take the teeth out of this horrible piece of legislation. It also sounds like there is a chance that one of the pieces will be reintroduced with modifications so we still have to remain vigilant. The legislator who replied (Marv Hagedorn) gave what sounded like a very sincere and personal response which I will be thanking him for.

Keep up the good work.

My Letter

Dear Sirs:

I have been alerted that your state is considering legislation to require participation in a vaccine monitoring program (SB 1011 & SB 1012). Based on my 30+ years experience as a physician and health educator, I am strongly opposed to such measures.

Vaccines have major issues with them as a treatment class including:

- a history of limited and poor quality research;

- highly respected researchers indicating minimal to poor results on many vaccines;

- special interests influencing federal health agencies to promote policies contrary to what the scientific evidence supports.

Mandating participation in a controversial health program has so many issues involved with it, I am unable to convey even a small portion of my concerns to you in this short e-mail. If there is interest, I am available to provide research to support my concerns in the hopes of preventing this measure from being enacted.

Senator Marve Hagedorn's Reply

I appreciate the time you have taken to drop me a note on these bills.

You will be happy to know that I was able to table S1012 and we have sent S1011 back to the bill sponsor to review their intent and if they desire to rewrite them to allow for complete removal of information of those who do want to opt out, we will hear the bills once more.

Thanks for being involved, we need more folks reading the bills, following the legislative process and taking the time to inform those of us here representing you on your thoughts. We don't know everything, we need your help to educate all of us on issues we might not be aware of.


Idaho State Senator
Dist 14
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