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She's better off without that job. That's one of the

crappiest restaurants to work in. The food sucks horribly, and it attracts mostly the dregs of society like this cheap pastor with entitlement issues.

18% is a bit much in my opinion though, however, I understand why most places do this:

#1 - it was a large party. This puts an extra strain on the establishment to serve properly. Mind you though, this gratuity is NOT supposed to be for the server(s) it is supposed to be an extra charge for the MENU items. (the price listed on menus is for normal costs. Having to serve large parties incurs more cost, as well as locking out other business, thus reducing profits. In other words, if ALL the restaurant did was serve large parties, you'd be paying those higher prices ALL of the time)

#2 - tipping went from a standard 8-10% to 15% and now 18% for one major reason: the restaurant industry (read - corporate hacks, not mom&pop) have lobbied Congress for a "tip credit" whereby they don't have to pay minimum wage. They can take a credit for the tips the server receives so they only have to pay the server $2.13 an hour. This figure came about from when the credit was first instituted. Minimum wage was then $4.25. The credit was 50%, but was listed explicitly as $2.13 instead of "half" or "50%." As Congress has raised the minimum wage, they have no also raised the minimum pay for those taking "tip credit." In short, a server has had stagnate (not assuming inflation) wages of $2.13 an hour on their check since the 1990s. (over 20 years)

To be sure, menu prices have gone up, so if they are receiving a standard percentage, then they will receive more in absolute terms. But menu prices haven't kept pace with inflation. If they had, most restaurants would have gone out of business long ago. So something had to give. Most people, even without being charged the tip or even having it suggested to them, offer at least 15% if not 20-30% depending on the total amount of the bill, and of course, level of service. This is the only thing that has allowed serving to remain a viable job. And for lower end restaurants to be able to keep them on to provide this dining style to their customers.

The entire system is a mess, no doubt. And I didn't even get into the "forced tipshare" issue or the "taxed even if you didn't make it issue" that corporate restaurants and the IRS have foisted on the industry.

If you look at all the factors involved. It's no wonder restaurants routinely add 18% gratuity or even tips to the checks for large parties, especially in establishments which cater to cheap skates like this pastor.

Most of these places will eventually have to switch to a deli or buffet style business operation because of the above factors. This will of course mean far less jobs available in an already tight job market.

Certainly, I wouldn't fault the restaurant for firing an employee who complained about a tip (or the lack thereof) to a guest, even a different guest. Such is forbidden.

But that wasn't the case here. The server posted this anonymously, and there was no way to identify the guest. The only thing that might have been done better, would have been not to let on where she worked.