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Comment: Ron Paul's words are FREE MARKET

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Ron Paul's words are FREE MARKET

Seems to me they did say so up front.

I think the offer of $800K was a huge compliment, saying YOU ARE WORTHY..

It's up to Ron to make an offer on how WORTHY he is at his own word on FREE MARKET FREE MARKET does not mean GRATIS

Ron Paul had no problem asking us for millions.. The campaign is over, and to expect someone to give you a site just because it has your name.. these folks did their part.. they own nothing more,, and like many folks, who WORKED VERY HARD to support Ron Paul, fought for him, went broke for him, HURT for him.. and wound up with Romney and then Obama.. Ron Paul didn't fight for himself..

Nothing worth something is free. It's not like he can't afford to pay them something for THEIR efforts and foresite,eh?