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Well of course it matters.

But if only intent matters then the Israelites would not have been punished for making the golden calf. They were "honoring" the one who had just brought them out of Egypt by making an image to represent Him. Do you think they were "trying" to do evil? No they were trying to do "good". The "intent of there heart" was trumped by there sin. Like it says in Proverbs "There is a way that seems right to man but the end thereof is destruction."

Read Exodus 32 again. They wanted to make "Elohim" and they proclaimed a feast to "YHWH". They didn't say let's worship some other god. They didn't say lets do evil. They did what THEY thought was good which is what people do to this day to their own destruction. The golden calf exemplifies many things that people do in His Name. Even the obvious destructive action of having an image of "jesus" on the wall or on a chain or behind the pulpit is done without a second thought because people THINK it is a good thing.

So tell me is "intent" all that matters if you are not obedient?