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The founders came to an

The founders came to an agreement and their philosophy was that and law made would be one to punish deeds that harmed another. They didn't believe in using the state to regulate behavior. This is why it's not called the legal system, it's call the justice system. The legal system is something new and used for petty crap like thieves suing their victims when they get injured from being defended against. Laws don't shape behavior, people's will does. People don't do drugs because they are illegal, they just see what it does to people and genuinely don't want to do them. There are still a handful of cowards/morons who genuinely just think they need law to control them and would go do drugs if the bans were lifted, but they are a product of the nanny state and would not survive in a moral and just society. They would mouth off and get shot. Dueling is another thing the founders did. Fought to death over opinions and such.

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