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Comment: Then you counter your own point.

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Then you counter your own point.

The EBT cards are a method of performing a transaction. They are not currency in themselves. There is a significant difference there. Similarly, a cheque is a method of performing a transaction, but the checque is not the currency itself.

Gold and Silver ARE money. They aren't just a means of conducting a transaction, they are a commodity with which you trade for another commodity (or service).

You could have an account, which you deposited gold or silver into, and which you use a plastic card to facilitate transactions with, where the title to the gold or silver you had, transfers to the person you are buying from. (E-Gold does exactly this)

You are using 0's and 1's not as currency, but as a means to account for your money.

The plastic card is not currency, it is a means to facilitate the transaction.

And despite all those distinctions, you prove my point that the phrase "you can't eat gold" is asinine, wrongheaded, and just plain stupid.

You don't aquire gold or silver in order to eat it any more than you acquire FRNs or accept a checque from your payroll department in order to eat THEM. You accept them, just as one would acquire gold and silver - so that you can use them to buy things including food.