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Comment: You catch more flies with honey.

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You catch more flies with honey.

Screaming and yelling like a two-year-old doesn't endear your cause to anyone and plays right into the hands of trolls like Piers Morgan. Piers WANTED Alex Jones to have a meltdown like he did, because then the left would have more ammo for their fight to smear all 2nd Amendment supporters as mentally unstable, gun-toting lunatics.

A smart debater (like, say, Dr. Paul) would not have given Piers what he wanted, and would have calmly laid out an eloquent defense of the 2nd Amendment. Consequently, Piers would look like the childish brat in that situation, and more people could have been won over to our side.

Frankly, Alex Jones is an embarrassment to the liberty movement. His babyish tirades and willingness to buy any theory no matter how absurd make this movement look like a joke.

I don't play, I commission the league.