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What are you on about?

Scooter Libby has nothing to do with anything in this discussion. He was just a neocon lackey and scapegoat for the Bush admin.

"Scoop" Jackson was the last great neoconservative in the Democratic party before the neocon rats jumped ship over to the Republican party in the 1970's.

I'm not sure what point you are trying to get at with your comment on communism. It was the Kissinger/Nixon nexus that sold us out to China in the name of "mutual interdependence" involving transfer of industry and technology to China to make us dependent on each other. The neocons, being derivative of TROTSKY, have fully supported Kissinger's plan as the Trotsky and the neocons both hated the USSR. They both love big communo-fascist governance but they didn't appreciate the USSR's competition with them for power.

"Neoliberal" is a meaningless meme with a wide variety of definitions contextually and temporally and is not even in common usage and therefore rendered useless. The Austrian School, which Ron Paul certainly agrees with, used the term for a while to mean support for free markets and the government butting out. The Chicago School used the term to imply that free markets were artificial abstractions that need government interference to work properly. Democrats like to use the word to smear those against the welfare state. The word is garbage.

As far as Raimondo and your critique of his supposed lack of referencing the word "neoliberal", there is no one more anti-govt intervention in the economy and against any kind of welfare than Raimondo. Period.

You said:

"Ron Paul's campaign is not to "save some so called libertarian movement""

To try and claim that libertarianism is not fully on the radar and the prime focus of Ron Paul's career and efforts is just -- inane. He is a long time member of the Liberty Caucus whose goal is openly libertarian. The Campaign for Liberty is widely recognized as distinctly libertarian and every C4L event is advertised as a gathering of libertarian-oriented speakers and guests. Ron Paul spent decades hanging out with and praising Rothbard. Ron Paul just finished a Mises Circle with Rockwell and Woods entitled "The Future of Libertarianism" where Ron talks about his future plans to aggressively promote libertarianism on a global basis.

Finally, an equally inane comment by you:


What planet are you on? Raimondo, although gay, is RENOWNED for his abhorrence and objection to government interference in cultural issues, specifically with respect to anything to do with gay people. Consider the following quotes and links:

"As he is openly gay,[12] his support of the social conservative Buchanan attracted considerable attention.[13]"
"Raimondo believes the government should refrain from adopting laws that would prohibit discrimination against gays.[12] He also is against gay marriage,[24] both mocking the idea that gays should adopt a heterosexual model of sexual and emotional relationships, and noting that as a libertarian he opposes "State incursion into such private matters."[25] He also has written that after years of persecution by the state, gay rights activists want to "use the battering ram of government power" to actively intervene on behalf of homosexuals."

The Libertarian Case Against Gay Marriage - Raimondo

Gay Victimology and the Liberal Kulturkampf - Raimondo

Again, I repeat my earlier assertion that either you are a confused intellectual simpleton or you are just being dishonest in an attempt to fling smears hoping they will stick on those who are unfamiliar with Raimondo.

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