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Tom Woods 2016...


**NOTE: I am fully aware of Tom's objections to running, claiming it would be a waste of people's money. But I disagree with his assessment. I can think of no other person more capable to continue Ron Paul's goal of spreading the message of liberty than Tom Woods. Sue me! :D

Educating people about freedom is Tom Woods greatest passion and he obviously loves doing it. The biggest classroom he could ever hope for would be running for president. Just sayin'...

Tom's second objection to running is that his opponents could lift a few quotes from his writings and it would be all over. Who cares? They did that with Ron and looked what resulted! The greatest awakening to the idea of less government and more freedom in modern history. And it appears to be going global! If all that was a "waste of money" then sign me up for some more. I'm ready to waste some federal reserve notes! :p

Again ---> Tom Woods 2016!

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