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I was well on my way

to become a pastor
a few things that happened drove me out and away
I was a sunday school teacher,and the royal rangers
i was told I was a rebel and a nutcase because i support Ron Paul
and his non intervention policies,the woman who told me this
is the mother to our rep here,and didn't like it when i told her i backed the ind and the libertarians,she got visibly upset,and loudly stated that our military is keeping us safe here at home,to which
i replied,show me in the bible where it says to go around the world
and blow brown people up
the 2 churches i have been involved with voted for Bush twice
and backed Romney this time around
I was also told that it is a sin to own a cell phone
and credit cards.Our pastor took a missions trip
he stated he had to call his wife(on his cell phone)
as he lost his wallet,and his credit cards were in there
why did i tell you this? i really don't know,maybe time is short
and i wanted someone to actually know me
stay well my friend

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence