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Comment: Here's my follow up letter

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Here's my follow up letter

Here's my follow up letter thank you letter to Senator Hagedorn

"Thank you so much for your personal reply to my note and the actions you have taken regarding the vaccine monitoring bills, SB 1011 & SB 1012.

Your requirement that the sponsor of 1011 rewrite the bill to remove all information of people who want to opt out sounds like a very encouraging step. I feel it is much more important to make sure that a program like this never gets started for such a controversial treatment.

Here are just a few reasons why total prevention of this program is preferred.

1) Many highly regarded researchers support the position that many vaccines have very limited benefits and appreciable risks. If public health is the goal, there are far more cost effective and fruitful ways to achieve progress. (i.e. nutrition screenings for pregnant women)

2) Once in place, a vaccine monitoring program will be much easier to modify. Privacy, freedom and even safety from abuses guaranteed at the beginning of implementation, will be much easier to eliminate with the right special interest influence or in a momentary lapse of legislative vigilance.

3) For those in the health care field, the depth of the penetration of influence by the pharmaceutical industry on regulatory bodies, medical colleges, journals and the media in general, is truly frightening. Education is a major part of the answer to stop special interest from co-opting the US health care system. Towards this end, I am available to assist should you or any of your colleagues desire.

Thank you again." For May 17 Money Bomb!