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Awwww... :>

You said:

"I have no need to insult you with name calling"

Then what was this?:

"YOU FOLKS ARE FINISHED so whine away.. that's what you've always done best anyways. Find a candidate that can beat Rand. I dare you.. Rand is not yours.. so go and find one.. LOL you can't. You don't have anything going for you but conspiracy theory and whine."

and this:

"Rand is liberating the GOP rom the Neocons and you are jealous because you and your progressive frauds have NOTHING and NO ONE represnting you. So wail away whiner.. that's about all you're good at."

Seems like you are calling the names "whiner", "conspiracy theorists", "progressive frauds", "useless", etc.. :)

Nearly every claim you have made is easily demonstrably incorrect and blatantly nonfactual. Pointing out that you are either 1) intellectually uninformed/confused or 2) have a nefarious dishonest purpose is merely an observation. It must be one or the other.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~