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Comment: I think the stigmas against smoking should go away

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I think the stigmas against smoking should go away

I think we should accept it more and get the government out of it.

I don't believe it's healthy to inhale all that tar and other chemicals. Nicotine is something entirely different and I personally don't think there's much to that fear.

However, I also don't believe it's 'natural' for all the millions of smokers to miraculously settle into a 1-2 pack per day habit. That's too creepy. I think if it was truly natural (not filled with HFCS as they are) we would see people who have 1-3 on Friday nights. We would see people who have 4 per day. Others would have 10 per day (half a pack). Still others would have 4-5 on special days and then forget to have some again until the next special day (kinda like how I drink Jack).

I do know people who have done the 1-2 per week thing but that was not a constant. They were in transition, either starting or stopping. I just can't understand why everyone settles into roughly the same habit.

Oh, wait. Who put the HFCS in there? n/m I figured it out.