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Comment: Very nice work

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Very nice work

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and look forward to your next production.

One thought for you to consider for your next film that you say will be more 'liberty oriented.' You are obviously very talented, this is abundantly clear. Take this talent and AIM BIG.

The "liberty movement" per se is small. Our challenge at this point is to take the concepts and make them palatable for a broad audience, something I touched on a bit in this thread.

So rather than make a "liberty oriented movie," think about making a movie with mass appeal, that demonstrates the concept of liberty.

What I really liked about this film was the ambiguity. The final scene brought up the question: What should he do? What would I do if I were in the same situation? And in the end, the restraint he shows is the powerful message.

Very powerful. Thank you for sharing that. Hope to see you picking up an award at the Oscars in a few years. Fiction is a powerful medium. Keep on doing what you love.