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Comment: Yes, this would appear to be so,

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Yes, this would appear to be so,

but you have to take into consideration that King John signed England over to the Pope forever in 1213. The original Magna Carta of 1215 was voided by the Pope and people fail to understand that the Magna Carta does not do anything for the people. The Crown Corporation is where the true power is in England, and the Monarchy is subject to this power as well. The Vatican works through proxies in order to keep people in the dark as to their wealth and power - have to keep Peter's pence coming in! The Vatican uses a lot of middle-men and Investment firms to keep things secret. All monarchies, governments and institutions in the world are subject to the Pontifex Maximus, who wears the Triple Crown. International Law is based on Roman Canon Law, so Papal Bulls need to be researched carefully. Unam Sanctum of 1302, Aeterni Regis of 1481 and Papal Bulls on Discovery and Land Rights are important documents to research.