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Comment: yes, the Jews did live peacefully with the Muslims and . . .

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yes, the Jews did live peacefully with the Muslims and . . .

Christians there before 1948--

the 'foreign western occupying powers' are guilty for a lot of crimes, throughout the world, not just in the middle east--

and the Jews who moved into the 'neighborhood' after 1948 were a different sort of people than those who lived there before--

made for a very interesting situation--

that has led to heartache--

and not all the Jews were happy about it; will you ever respond to this:

The way you write implies that you are a Christian (as am I); I hope you are not the sort of Christian who believes that only secular Jews who don't believe that the Jews have any hope in the Messiah have a right to exist--

These people are real; they are righteous, and they have strong opinions--

but most Christian Zionists don't like them, because they actually believe that the Messiah will come.

So do those of us who believe that Jesus will come again.

These Jews are peaceable; they are friends of Christians and Muslims, though wary of secular Jews--

but they are not violent, though they do protest--

why can't you acknowledge them?

Do you think righteous Jews displease God?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--