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Comment: Good Emotions

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Good Emotions

I had to go to a funeral this morning so I am just now getting back to reply.

These are my thoughts. You are a leader and a doer. I respect your opinion, not like you are some god or something, but as someone who has foresight and understanding and the where-with-all to get things naturally, if I see you bump something, I look. There are other ID’s out there that have the same effect on me because I have come to respect their input.

I realize there is not anything that can be done about the situation in Turkey, but I remember a post from this week. It said that the DP was their “morning news” or something to that affect. I made the comment that DP is my home page on that post. So, even though there is nothing we can do about the situation at the embassy, there are many of us who start the day with the DP. I see knowledge as power and power enables one to do something…anything, even if it is just to be informed and spread information. I live in the US, and if an embassy belonging to the US has a bomb go off in front of it, I’d like to know about it. Now I do thanks to your bump.

There is not anything we can do about the “conspiracy” theory stuff, or so it is called, either. But some of it is interesting, some of it may be far-fetched, some may be truth, but it is still information to sort thru and perhaps pass on to others. In the case of the news report this morning, I too found it significant that it was posted by an Oathkeeper, and also that FOX was not carrying the story. So, I was glad to get the news…I don’t go to drudge, I don’t watch the news…the TV is rarely on. So the DP IS my news source. It is from here that I launch to other links and read/watch stories. I realize that the DP isn’t going to replace drudge, but I think it is till nice to offer some factual news stories in the mix.

Please know that I don’t see the DP as part of the frenzy news problem. When I started waking up I was freaked-out, panicked and S C A R E D - literally!!! I didn’t know what was going on in the United States or where to turn. I live in a rural town so things are quiet. My life is given to a small country church and its people. The Daily Paul was a place where I found answers and some sanity and some grounding in this new world I have found myself in where almost nothing is what I thought it to be. I have found people I can relate to and get understanding from here at the DP.

I was driving my husband crazy with all my “insane” talk when I woke up. Now he at least gets a break…and doesn’t think I am crazy! Just this week he told me he was having to work more than 6 months out of the year to pay taxes and regulations…I had given him that information last year because go123mph posted a story about it. My husband was frustrated and a little angry when I would tell him that. Now he is telling me. The information at the DP is important in many ways as the truth spreads thru many channels beyond the “fringe” IDs that use this site. After all, not all of us are fortunate enough to have time to spend here and some people rather have different types of social interaction and news sources.

But I have to ask, isn't it important for a 50+ man to know that the reason he is working 2 jobs is because the government is taking more than half? It is not becaues employers don't pay enough or because things are too expensive. It is because we are not a free people and we did not even know it until a crazy lady went to the DP and found a fringe post by go123mph. That factual information posted at the DP put a different spin on the economy. That information has been repeated by me and my husband multiple times to multiple people.

But most of all what I think is nice here at the DP are the people. I think your open and humble and welcoming attitude is an influence. You are a Rock Star, Michael! But you are people just like us, and it shows, and I appreciate it. You had a gut instinct to put the story on the front page and bump it. I respect that. We are…in your living room you know :) Perhaps our Oathkeepers will continue to contribute with that type of encouragement as well.