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Comment: Most people feel great about

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Most people feel great about

Most people feel great about giving things away that aren't theirs. That's the problem with this country. People love giving away health care they don't have.

They worked hard, and helped promote Ron Paul. They built a site and managed it for many years. They didn't grab the name simply to sell it, but added real value to our cause and to Ron Paul himself.

However from a valuation standpoint, the website they created is not being valued, it's only the domain. What is that domain worth to Ron Paul. It's really not worth much. How many more people will see his site with than would with

Not many more. Whatever domain he chooses will gain great traffic and quickly move up the search engine rankings.

Another question is how much will the site currently at be hurt by switching to a new domain. Greatly. They will lose a lot of current traffic, and all the spill over traffic from when Ron creates his site.

This given, it is highly unlikely that the domain will trade hands, unless and until the owners of the current site lose interest in managing it and its value degrades to a price desirable to the Ron Paul team.