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Thanks for your reply,

Thanks for your reply, 1988vote. I'll reply with an answer later today. I'll reread RP's chapter on Zionism as well as think about how to speak well about Zionists.

In short I recommend speaking about Zionism as any other following: Mention the good even if its sparse and make the argument (even using that sparseness to your advantage) that the people who want Zionism have had their belief sullied and maligned by people (including their ethnic kind) who want to pervert it, a perversion that brings forth dominance. If you have information, talk about it because that will help contrast the good Zionists from the bad Zionists. The contrast is key; it's where employing argument really comes in, meaning they, the Zionists, are trying to live in peace by building a location their own despite people who call themselves Zionists are trying to tear down their community, showing that the latter people aren't Zionists but destroyers. This want, the one to live with each other in peace, is common among man, it's part of freedom. Its "name" is "ability to associate," which is good as long as the people associating don't harm anyone (except themselves if they want to). Just focus on the good and build the case for freedom of association.

Thank you for the reply, 1988. I'll get back to you with what RP wrote.

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