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Comment: free market just means no coercion from the government

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free market just means no coercion from the government

u dumb fuck.. it doesn't mean no social pressure from people who call scammers as they see it.. practice freedom of speech all you want, just know there will be always a few drag into the back alleys and a good beating that police don't always catch

just like freedom of speech doesn't mean you can come into my house and cuss at my people.. why do you dumb idiots who don't really get libertarianism which is about governing principle, not how you practice your private life/morality, even bother staying in the movement? 8 years into this shit and you're still hearing people equate cussing at someone's face on his property to freedom of speech.. tired of you IQ60ers' shit.. to talk about this as a topic pertaining to the integrity of the free market is almost as stupid on the same level..

no one's saying he shouldn't charge and no one's launching legal actions, we're using social peer pressure which is perfectly fine and what you should do.. so wtf do you say to people who protest being charged 100 bucks for a box of milk when there's no shortage? that they are anti free market? fuck you..