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Comment: You're just mad

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You're just mad

because for once, a thread revolves around the site's ACTUAL owner rather (in a roundabout way) than you, someone who 'owns' the site...but only in your own warped little mind.

It's NOT your site, get over it already.

Also, yeah, you have brought up your Polish ancestry literally hundreds of times. Perhaps if you weren't such a wet-brain you'd recall as much. Your very existence serves to reenforce the stereotype of the typical "dumb Pole".

You're an alcoholic, narcissist attention whore who lives off of other people's money. You're like a reverse King Midas; everything you touch turns into shit.

Ooh, is this the part where you deflect with some bullshit emotional garbage that has nothing to do with anything I just pointed out? Go cry in your beer and write a poem about it, zilch.

If a mod bans me for this post then so be it. It's the truth and everyone who has interacted with you knows it, whether they're honest enough to admit it or not.

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