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Comment: Let's see if this helps to clarify things

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Let's see if this helps to clarify things

Do people here think Ron Paul has a claim to the domain as well?

What if he said, yeah, I like that one. Nice name. Has a nice ring to it. Decently popular. Decent traffic. I'd like that one. Let's just say, for the sake of argument he rang me up and said that.

And in respons, I said, "Ok Dr. Paul. As you know, I've put a lot of work and effort into building this site. Many sleepless nights, endless heartaches and headaches as I wrested with personell issues, hosting issues, getting sued, etc. over the past six years. I'd like to keep running the site if I could. It is my livelihood. But, if you really want it, I'll happily sell you this domain for $250K if you really want it. I would consider that a fair price, considering what I put into it."

And would everyone have the same hysterical reactions as they're having down below? Would they say, "That is an outrageous price. Nystrom should give it to him."

The truth of the matter is that values are subjective. Is it worth $250K? He's got the money, so that is not the issue. It will certainly help people find him faster and easier. It will avoid a lot of confusion. It will help his customers find him faster.

Is his new venture (whatever it is) going to generate $25 million in revenue each year? Then $250k is a drop in the bucket; part of the cost of doing business.

Ron Paul preaches the gospel of personal responsibility. Looks like he lost as well. So - his mistake, now he has to pay for it.

We live in a market economy, and markets are the voluntary, non-violent way that prices and values are determined.