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Comment: Back in early January 2008 I

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Back in early January 2008 I

Back in early January 2008 I emailed the then owner of to see if they were interested in selling. The domain was owned by none other than "Ron Paul," although it was not THE Ron Paul but another guy with the same name.

My interest was in both securing the domain (so that detractors would not get it) and also to help promote this amazing politician that I had just learned about.

The Ron Paul who owned the domain at that point had an agent represent him in the sale of the domain, they listed it on eBay.

I'm very nearly certain that I am remembering the selling price correctly... I believe it sold back then (in Jan 2008) for $25,000.

After the sale the website went online and as far as I can tell it is the same website which is online at now.