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Comment: I understand your point. Do you understand mine?

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I understand your point. Do you understand mine?

My counterpoint is that value is fundamentally subjective.

My point is to look at this devoid of emotion: In the long run, if you have something that that will help your business more than not having it, is it worth paying the price for it. Domains are like real estate on the World Wide Web, and the old adage still applies: "Location, location, location."

But I agree, I doubt Ron Paul will pay it either.

So, putting the histrionics and emotionalism of

  • They should give it to him, because he's Ron Paul
  • $250K is an absurd price

Aside, look at the numbers. That is really the only thing that should figure into the equation.

At what price does it make economic sense for both parties to strike a deal?

I find this debate both amusing and depressing.